Nanaue is the name of a band, of a song and of an album.

Every incarnation of this name can be described using the same words: freedom of writing, creativity, anachronistic passion for storytelling, perfect marriage between free inspiration, sweat of performance and formal research.

The marriage would turn out to be scandalous, but listening to the pulsating rhythm section, the theatrical way of singing stories, together with the pureness of strings melted with woods and brasses don’t leave any doubt.

Talking of rock, prog, songwriting, avant-pop doesn’t bring any far from Nanaue, but it doesn’t fully describe its intricacy.

For those searching for labels, maybe “art rock” is the one that fits better, especially because Matteo Nahum and Emiliano Deferrari, both multi-instrumentalists, come to this project after many solo works and the most of different artistic collaborations, strictly musical (jazz, prog, songwriting, klezmer) but also related to dance, theatre, performances and visual art.

Nanaue is a band and writes songs, some would say they are quite cinematic, so listen and “see” yourself the self titled album of 2013, the various singles on itunes and soptify. The second album is almost on its way, so please, come back often here.

It’s an invitation.

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